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Common Features Within EmguCV

Common Features Within EmguCV Before we begin, I'd like to talk about our affiliate NordVPN , which use the link provided can get you access to special discounts that you can't find elsewhere! Although Python's OpenCV library is an extensive library with numerous functions and methods that allow the user to accomplish virtually anything, the library does have its limitations. Originally released in C++, OpenCV has drastically changed over time, with supported languages growing to Python and Java. Over time, due to its increasing popularity, OpenCV has had numerous wrappers created to allow its libraries to be implemented in a verity of other languages. One of the most common, and the wrapper that we will be using today, is EmguCV . Written in C#, EmguCV utilizes almost all of the functions from OpenCV, and is very helpful when wanting to implement machine learning and computer vision into the .NET framework. In the following blog post, I'll detail

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